Tropical Green Algae Wafers 450gm


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The brand Tropical is based in Poland and sells many varieties of food in the form of flakes, granules, tablets and wafers. Tropical’s innovations in packaging technique has made the fish food products easy to use, manage and more safer.

Tropical Green Algae Wafers 450gm

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GREEN ALGAE WAFERS vegetable, sinking wafers with spirulina for algae eaters. Vegetable food in the form of sinking wafers with spirulina, intended for everyday feeding of Loricariidae fish with a high dietary demand for plant material and algae such as Sturisoma aureum, Pterygoplichthys pardalis, Panaque maccus etc. Moreover, it serves as a perfect dietary supplementation for omnivorous bottom feeding fish, freshwater and marine crustaceans. The wafers do not disintegrate in water (they retain their texture and do not fall apart when soaked), which makes crustaceans' feeding much easier. They also allow suckermouth and rasping fish feed the way they do in the wild. Wafers do not disintegrate and contaminate the water, even when lying at the bottom for a long period of time.

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